A well stocked library has been established in the heart of college campus having splendid collection of books (Above 29,000) to help the students & lecturers to gain easy access to the latest information in the field of technology. The concept of libraries has revolutionized human creative thinking and mankind has witnessed a sea change in the standard of living as books preserve archival materials and historical records for the coming generation. The primary aim is to provide material to carry out a balance between studies & technology best suited to present conditions and enable the students to compete in the international arena. The library, as the recourse gateway through which people disseminate and share information, needs to redefine and reemphasize what is essential to its professional practice in the digital age. DPG POLYTECHNIC. consists of a central library and several departmental libraries.
Book Bank
A book bank scheme is implemented to help students to obtain the latest books free of cost by depositing a nominal security refundable on completion of their studies. A number of popular journals & periodicals both Indian & foreign have been subscribed for the benefit of all types of readers.
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