Elect. & Comm. Engg.

Electronic & Communication Engineering

To emerge as a department of high quality academic standards and discipline to improve lives through learning.
To uplift the academic standards of students by imparting essential theoretical and practical knowledge by enhancing the knowledge of faculty through training and higher education and by preparing the stake-holders so as to contribute to the society being morally firm and technically competent.
Departmental Labs

Basic Electronics Lab
The students will perform various experiments related to PN Junction Diodes, Zener Diodes and single stage amplifiers.
Analog Electronics Lab
This lab provides practical knowledge to the students on cascaded amplifiers, oscillators and power supply.

Digital Electronics Lab 
The students will gain knowledge on logic gates, decoders ,encoders.
Microprocessor Lab 
The students will write the assembly programmes and run on Microprocessor 8085 Kit.
Consumer Electronics Lab 
This lab provides information related to Microphones, monochrome television and colour television with the help of proper demonistration.
Communication Engineering Lab
This lab provides practical knowledge on amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, PCM and PPM etc. 
Network Filters & Transmission Line Lab
The students will do the experiments related to m-derived Low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter and band reject filter.
Departmental Activities & Outreach Activities
  • The students are actively involved in various projects related to electronics & communication engineering
  • The faculty organize the seminars on the recent technology in electronics & communication engineering
  • Industrial visits are organized for the students to enhance the practical knowledge and there by bridge the gap between industry and academia.
Industrial visit 
Scope : The diploma holders in electronics &communication engineering have wide scope in job market .In private industry ,the diploma holders may get jobs with the minimum salary 2.5 Lakhs per annum .The public sector companies like Metro Railways, Indian Railways, BSNL, BHEL, NTPC, DRDO ,Indian Navy etc. recruit the diploma holders in electronics & communication engineering.

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