Diploma in Vocational

Diploma in Vocational

(In Association with Industry)

Vocational courses are an educational discipline that enables individual to acquire skills that are required for a particular trade.Vocational courses are traditionally non academic and are completely related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation.These courses are designed to impart application based study where theoretical aspects are not studied independently.Students after 10th standard can now opt for short and long term courses like diplomas and degrees. There are variety of courses available for students to choose from.Vocational courses has diversified itself providing a wider scope for students after 10th standard.Vocational Courses are offered by various institutes, colleges, schools and government aided institutions.

Sr No. Level Specialization
1 Diploma In Vocation Automobile Servicing
2 Diploma In Vocation Production Technology
3 Diploma In Vocation Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
4 Diploma In Vocation Software Development



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