Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

About Department
The Department of Computer Science Engineering was established in the year 2007.  The Department has been continuously making progress in teaching-learning process. The Department is committed to create a culture that encourages technological innovation and exploration of the latest advances in the rapidly changing field of Computer Science. 
The Department offers :-
  • Establish a productive Computer Science and Engineering career in industry, government, or academic
  • Engage in professional practice of computer systems engineering and software systems engineering
  • Promote the development of innovative systems and solutions using hardware and software integration
  • Promote design, research, and implementation of products and services in the field of Computer Science and Engineering through strong communication, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.
Producing quality engineers trained in the latest tools and technologies and striving to make India a world leader in software and hardware products and services. To achieve academic excellence in Computer Science Engineering by imparting in depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities and cater to the ever changing industrial demands and societal needs.
  • To provide quality engineering education to the students through state of art education in Computer science engineering.
  • To provide a learning environment that helps students to enhance problem solving skills, to be successful in their professional lives and to prepare students to be lifelong learning by offering a solid theoretical foundation in computing along with applied computing experiences and educating them about their professional, and ethical responsibilities.
  • To establish Industry Institute Interaction to make students ready for the industrial environment.
Data Structure Lab :
  • In this lab, students will do practical of data structure and algorithms.
  • They will know how to implement some useful data structures and use them to implement a simple algorithm.
  • This exercise will help us to explore the effect of data structures on the complexity of the algorithm and also understand the details involved in creating data structures from scratch.
  • Also, we shall implement the similar algorithms using C and C++, which implements a more sophisticated version of data structures. 

OOPS Lab (Java/C++) :
  • In this lab, students will do practical of data object-oriented programming in Java and C++ languages.
  • The lab consists of different steps in which you practice concepts of OOP such as:
  • Classes and instances Message sending, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Instance variables and class variables (static variables), Methods and class methods (static methods), Encapsulation and "information hiding" (protecting implementations), Visibility modifiers private, protected, public etc.   

DBMS Lab :
  • This lab purpose to impart the basic knowledge of DBMS and its characteristics, advantages, disadvantage, application understanding and Database programming with structured query language database software MySQL and SQL-Server 2005 etc.
  • Students will become familiar with SQL and its use in DBMS.
  • For this lab, the students can choose Microsoft Windows Platform and Developer for form designing.   

Design & analysis of Algorithm Lab :
  • The main goal of this lab to introduce the students with Algorithms for estimation of time & space complexity.
  • Learning and applying key algorithms in the programs with C and C++ Language.
  • In this lab we will explore a number of key factors and considerations relevant to these problems and solutions through programming.
  • The Design and Analysis of Algorithms lab is designed to give broad coverage rather than depth.
Project Lab :
  • In this lab students will understand the basic need of project management and matrices, role of project scheduling, risk management, quality planning, project execution, monitoring, control and closure for software projects
  • They will learn about various estimation for project planning process, software project, objects oriented project and agile development.
  • Students will develop their projects based on recent engineering applications for live industrial exposure. 
Network Lab :
  • In this lab students know about computer networking hardware and programming for networking in wired and Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • This lab contains wireless NIC and access point, where student simulate different network algorithms using NS2, NS3 tools for windows and Linux OS environment.
  • Students will do their practical and hand on exercise and they will develop minor project based on learning.
Operating System Lab :
  • In this lab students do simulations on operating system applications to design an operating system with efficient use of hardware and the available resources.
  • Students will acquire knowledge of operating system, components, application programs and their interaction with the computer hardware.
  • Student will be able to get the knowledge of operating system applications and they will develop some minor projects.  

Department Policy
Department has a vision that the students should be indulged in some creative technical works since then it has climbed the heights of functionality with responsibility under the able guidance of various lecturers and with the help of various student coordinators.
  • Technical Seminars on current topics
  • Technical Quiz competitions
  • Aptitude Test for all Students of polytechnic
  • Technical Updates on Notice-boards of the Department are changed every month
  • Printing of Technical updates monthly
  • Workshop on various topic such as Python, Network Security, Dot net, PHP and MySql.
  • Collection of material for Newsletter and printing
  • Departmental Newsletter 
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